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Pre & postnatal Massage Appointments now open on Saturdays


Our packages are our trusted guides to pregnancy and outline our expert-backed recommendations for every stage of your journey.

This is also the perfect path to support and shower a Mother with love… From lymphatic treatments and acupuncture, to educational courses and movement classes—our packages are the ultimate gift!

Prepping for Pregnancy
Prep for pregnancy is an ideal package supporting your reproductive wellbeing in preparation for conception. These offerings are tailored to help you stay relaxed and balanced – mind, body, and spirit.
Mama in the Making
While mama is busy growing baby, we are here to support your needs with the “Mama in Making” package!
Welcome to Motherhood: 4th Trimester
When the baby arrives, the 4th trimester begins.
One Tribe Signature Package
This is our most comprehensive and detailed package of care, education, and support through all trimesters and postpartum.