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Prenatal Mat Pilates |  POstnatal (all women* welcome)

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Our Offerings

Pregnant woman getting acupuncture treatment.

Our integrative services include pelvic floor physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, psychotherapy, and more—available in-person and virtually.

Pregnant women doing yoga

Prenatal and postnatal classes helping you prepare, recover, and stay connected through in-person and live-stream instruction.

Women in parenting class

Trustworthy educational courses and resources for every aspect of the journey, including lactation, sleep, mental health, parenting coaching, new parent school, nutrition, and more.

lactation support group image, support groups by One Tribe

Connect with a compassionate community that understands and supports you through life's challenging moments.


A healthy pregnancy is connected to body, mind, and spirit.
Access to correct information builds confidence and diminishes fear.
Convenience reduces unnecessary stress and anxiety.
Community is fundamental to parenthood.
A healthy mother makes for a healthier family.
A mother’s experience of pregnancy matters.

We believe in being in service to the mother.


What People Are Saying

"Mariana is so calm and positive, it's a pleasure to listen to her. She helped us so much establishing the breastfeeding relationship from the very beginning. ​ She gave us tips and shared resources while I was pregnant and was there supporting and encouraging the first few days in the hospital when I was having a difficult time getting started."

Mother nursing her newborn
Karina Chocron

“Lisa and my RIE experience forever altered me and my path. Your class provides a peaceful and safe space. My daughter is the way she is today because of RIE principals I applied and continue to apply. I found my stride and confidence as a mother, learning about slowing down, taking breaths. My daughter’s independence, confidence, and incredible communication skills today are due to her experience and exposure to Lisa and RIE. Today, some of our closest friends are families we met thru RIE. It has been a true blessing and life-altering experience for my family. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Pregnant mother sitting cross-legged on a bed holding her one-year-old
RIE Parent-Child Play Group (Infants & Toddlers)

"I recommend The New Mom School to all of my pregnant patients. Whether you are on your first pregnancy journey or adding a new baby to the family, at New Mom School you will learn skills and get support through one of life's most challenging transitions."

Baby boy tummy time on a clean white sheet
Gigi Kroll, MD - OB/GYN
New Mom School ®

"Mariana has been such an amazing resource throughout my breastfeeding journey. She has made herself available in a warm, loving, patient, non-judgmental and informative manner. It's been a blessing to receive her support and guidance through the ups and downs of the first three months of motherhood. Her breastfeeding support group has also been very helpful."

Mother nursing her newborn
Isabela Lekach

“Finding RIE and Lisa Better was an experience that shaped me as a mother and person. It changed my life for the better in many ways. It was the time in the week I most looked forward to. An opportunity to observe and just be. In a time where we over schedule, overstimulate and over-everything with our kids, it was refreshing and wonderful to find RIE. As I watch my son grow, I still reference Lisa’s teachings. My son today is independent, confident, and happy…. it might be coincidence, but I know the RIE approach helped him flourish. I am beyond grateful to Lisa for helping me be the kind of mother I always dreamed.”

Pregnant mother sitting cross-legged on a bed holding her one-year-old
RIE Parent-Child Play Group (Infants & Toddlers)

“Saying Lauren has changed my life is no exaggeration. Before meeting her, I was suffering from irregular periods, severe stomach pain and excruciating migraines. Lauren’s extensive knowledge led to the discovery I had a gut infection—the root cause of many of my issues. She put me on a comprehensive treatment plan, focusing on the value of food and supplements to fast-track my healing process. Lauren’s diligence, knowledge and sincere care led me to a healthy pregnancy—and I haven’t had a migraine in 6 months!”

smiling woman in workout gear drinking a smoothy

 “As a mother navigating the unpredictable journey of raising children, I realize the significance of parenting coaching with Isabel Carvalho. It transformed my approach to motherhood and empowered me to become a more confident and effective parent. The impact on my children's development and overall family dynamic is truly remarkable. She taught me the power of active listening, empathy, open-mindedness. Instead of imposing my views and ideas upon my children, I have learned to genuinely hear, understand their needs and build a deep connection with my children that endure for a lifetime.”

Pregnant woman wearing headphones sitting in a chair studying
Fernanda M.
Parenting Coaching

“The RIE method was truly a blessing in my life as a parent... My relationships in general have also benefited from the kind of conscious and centered respect and presence that RIE teaches. Lisa is a passionate and dedicated RIE practitioner and I could not imagine a better guide in this method. Do yourself, your children and the people around you a favor and study with her.”

Pregnant mother sitting cross-legged on a bed holding her one-year-old
Christy M.
RIE Parent-Child Play Group (Infants & Toddlers)

"Every woman who gives birth should have the opportunity to work with a team like Painless Pregnancy. I worked with Belinda and she was amazing. I learned so much every session and would hire them again and again if I could."

Pregnant woman on yoga mat doing stretches
Elise Rodriguez-Vila
Physical Therapy

"As a mother worried about the behavior and temper of my toddler, going to classes with Amy for one hour a week changed our lives. It is miraculous what just one hour daily of directed play, love, and attention can do for your child."

Small cute infant doing tummy time on a white bed
Nia, Mother of 3-year-old


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