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Women's Journey Circle
Reflective meditation offers women of all life stages a space to manage stress, enhance well-being, and foster community. Mindfulness promotes self-awareness, reduces anxiety, and improves mental focus, creating emotional resilience. Enjoy a guided meditation, a related article and discussion time to create a supportive environment where shared experiences foster connections.
Woman wrapped in a towel sitting cross-legged on a mat in a spa-like setting

Sound bathing helps guide you into a deepened state of relaxation and calming of the nervous system. This full-body healing and meditative experience involves singing bowls which relax the mind and body, creating space to reduce stress and anxiety, while more deeply connecting to your baby.  This monthly class meets Wednesday evenings.  Open to all Preconception, Prenatal and Postnatal mamas.

Wednesday, April 24th,  6:30pm

$30 per person