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We are One Tribe of experts and partners uniting to support and care for the mother—at every stage. From Movement classes, wellness services, and educational offerings, we meet you where you are in your journey.

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New Mom School
Empower Your Parenting: navigate infancy with expert guidance and community. Learn everything you need to transition into motherhood while sharing this journey within a community experiencing the same phase. In partnership with New Mom School ®, classes are designed to support your 4th trimester and beyond. Tailored for parents with babies 0 to 6 months.
Pregnant Mom sitting cross-legged caressing baby belly
One Tribe's signature childbirth education class, Bump to Baby will walk you through everything you need to know in order to be the most knowledgeable and prepared you can be for the exciting new chapter of your life. This six-hour format over two Saturdays course is aimed at building not only your confidence, but the tribe around you. You will cover topics related to your pregnancy, preparing for labor, labor and delivery, as well as postpartum and newborn care. Through hands on demonstrations, videos and props, this carefully curated class facilitates the opportunity to be mindful as you contemplate what feels right for you and your baby.
Group of women sitting cross-legged on mats caressing baby belly and practicing breaths
These unique childbirth education classes offer gentle birthing techniques for the mother-to-be and her birthing companion. You will learn relaxation and visualization techniques that will allow you to welcome your baby in a calm, gentle, and safe manner. This 5-week course meets on Tuesdays from 5:30-8:00pm.  Our next session begins April 23rd.  
Baby laying on stomach and a mother gently pushing on the baby's back

One Tribe offers interactive CPR classes to help you create a safe environment for your baby, and develop life-saving skills in case of an emergency. The class will teach you the signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest in infants, how to position a baby for CPR, the appropriate rescue breathing, chest compression technique, and breaths-to-compressions ratio for infants. This class follows the American Heart Association’s Infant CPR guidelines. (CPR certification is available upon request).

Mother holding a newborn baby in her arms
Taking care of a tiny new human can be daunting. With this hands on, demonstrative and informative class, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to take it on with confidence. We will walk you through sleep safety, feeding, sleep cycles, and more, while practicing diaper changing, swaddling, and bath time. Learn about newborn life essentials like what you need to bring baby home, techniques in soothing a fussy baby, and ways to nurture and care for yourself during postpartum.
New father holding newborn baby in his arms
Hey Dads and Partners: You are becoming a parent too. This unique workshop is for PARTNERS ONLY who are looking to be connected to and be an essential part of the incredible journey of pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and newborn life. You will learn and practice labor support techniques, so you can be present and part of the experience of your baby’s birth. Learn about the ways you can uniquely bond and care for your newborn, and finally, delve into life postpartum- how to support your partner as she heals, and ways to nurture and strengthen your connection as new parents.
Pregnant Mom sitting cross-legged on a bed holding her one-year-old
Based on Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach this child-centric parenting class focuses on empowering parents and caregivers to provide the secure and respectful beginnings children need. Classes for parents/caregivers of infants 2 - 24 months old.  These classes are part of an 8-week-package.
Woman wrapped in a towel sitting cross-legged on a mat in a spa-like setting

Sound bathing helps guide you into a deepened state of relaxation and calming of the nervous system. This full-body healing and meditative experience involves singing bowls which relax the mind and body, creating space to reduce stress and anxiety, while more deeply connecting to your baby.  This monthly class meets Wednesday evenings.  Open to all Preconception, Prenatal and Postnatal mamas.

$30 per person

Women's Journey Circle
Reflective meditation offers women of all life stages a space to manage stress, enhance well-being, and foster community. Mindfulness promotes self-awareness, reduces anxiety, and improves mental focus, creating emotional resilience. Enjoy a guided meditation, a related article and discussion time to create a supportive environment where shared experiences foster connections.