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Vanessa Birnbaum

Vanessa Birnbaum

Yoga Teacher

Hola, I’m Vane.

I was born in Venezuela pero soy Mayamera de corazón. I am a yoga lover, a mentor, a project visionary, and a serial social entrepreneur.

I’ve always loved beginnings — bringing ideas into real, fruitful projects.

I started creating companies since I graduated from college. I first co-founded @vanillashake, a branding boutique specializing in startups; and a few years later, I combined my passion for yoga and branding and @allyoucanyoga was born.

My team and I have created a teacher training program serving thousands of students and I became a mentor for leaders to become teachers of teachers. Today, 30+ schools continue to use our educational curriculum around the world.

After becoming a mother, I discovered that birth was always my true calling. I teach pre and postnatal yoga and I am currently studying to pursue my vocation as a certified doula. My classes combine what I’ve learned in 15+ years of experience in a delicious (and stealthily challenging) Vinyasa flow. A 45 min serving of sticky, sweaty flow, lathered with 15 minutes of yin yoga (deep, intense stretching) and 15 min restorative asana topping. YUM