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Prenatal Mat Pilates |  POstnatal (all women* welcome)

Rafaela Gusmão

Rafaela Gusmão

Scar Tissue & MLD Therapist, RMA

Rafaela Gusmão, a Physiotherapist and Physical Therapist, is a pioneer in post-surgical treatment of scar tissue and lymphatic drainage massage. With over 16 years of experience as a physical therapist, a post-graduate degree in ICU, neurology, preventive and functional dermatology. She holds a specialization in scar tissue from the Mariane Altomare Institute and licensed in lymphatic drainage by the Renata França method. She is published in Neurociencias and America Medical Journal.

For postpartum women, regardless of their mode of delivery, whether cesarean or vaginal, she provides treatments to help immediately after childbirth, such as Compressive Tape, Laser, and Orthoses - optimizing your recovery, stabilizing your abdomen, reducing inflammatory signs such as edema, avoiding or treating adhesions, and improving mobility.

Rafaela is dedicated to your healing process throughout your pregnancy and post-partum journey—in both an aesthetic and functional way.