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We are One Tribe of experts and partners uniting to support and care for the mother—at every stage. From Movement classes, wellness services, and educational offerings, we meet you where you are in your journey.


close up of a woman getting acupuncture on her face
Acupuncture is an incredibly powerful healing modality used for a wide-array of pre- and post-natal services. Used as an alternative medicine practice, acupuncture helps alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts such as nausea, sciatica pain, headaches, and heartburn. Additionally, acupuncture is often used in fertility treatments, along with post-partum care and overall wellbeing
Mother Holding and Breastfeeding her newborn child, mother nursing
Breastfeeding consultations will provide both practical and emotional tools, in order to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals, and at the same time, enjoy your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. These sessions may be held in person or virtually, and the types vary according to the topic.
new mother getting a lymphatic drainage massage
Lymphatic drainage reduces swelling caused by fluid buildup. Light pressure is applied using manual techniques so that your body can effectively remove toxins. MLD aims to flush away excess fluids (including those received via IV during labor or delivery) and rebalance hormones, getting the body into healing mode and reducing downtime post-pregnancy.
Pregnancy nutrition concept

Whether trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum, Lauren, will help you navigate your fertility journey and beyond to ensure you are properly nourished and are in control of your health every step of the way.

If you don't see a day/time that works for you, please contact Lauren at [email protected]

A pregnant mother wearing headphones sitting in a chair while studying

Children don’t come with instructions, so parenting is a constant learning process. A Parenting Coach helps you find the tools you need to learn how to communicate more effectively, create balance and build happier, more connected family. We offer in-person and virtual sessions built around your needs, situation, and goals.

Pregnant woman on a yoga mat doing stretches
Our physical therapists are here to support you throughout pregnancy, preparation for delivery, and postpartum. The 1:1 appointments focus on prevention as well as rehabilitation. Get all the support your body needs.  
Prenatal Breastfeeding Class
The prenatal breastfeeding class is dedicated to expectant parents and designed to explore all options for child feeding. Evidence-based and reflecting the most current practices, the class helps you make an educated choice before birth. Parents with previous breastfeeding education and experience tend to be more successful in their lactating journey, and this class helps prepare and empower you.
prenatal massage

The ultimate complement to any expecting mom's self-care routine. Designed specifically for women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, this deeply soothing therapy works to improve circulation, reduce swelling in hands and feet, and release tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders.

private doula coaching
During this session, Melissa will guide you through breathing techniques, pressure points, targeted massage, and laboring and birthing positions. Learn how to navigate the hospital setting to make it the warmest and most inviting space for your birth and gain the tools necessary to be fully supported by your birth companion.
Woman face down on a massage table receiving a massage

Designed to aid the body in overall recovery after birth, this therapeutic full body massage can help improve circulation, relief tension and provide a dedicated time to rest and recharge for new moms. It can also help with scar healing for moms who had a cesarean delivery.

Woman with stretch marks on her stomach holding a baby

The scar tissue treatment offered at One Tribe aids in a faster and improved post-partum recovery for babies delivered both by C-section or vaginal delivery.

The treatment uses a variety of modalities, including Laser DMC Therapy, EC Biosimulation, Kinesio Tape, Manual Therapy, Guided Exercises/Orientations, and more. 

Sleep Support

Review important information about the science of sleep, developmental needs of a newborn, tips to help families make it through the challenging first few months, and methods for establishing healthy sleep habits from the start.