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Prenatal Mat Pilates |  POstnatal (all women* welcome)

Facial cosmetic acupuncture provides an excellent replacement for botox/dysport (neurotoxin) treatment. Deeply rooted in traditional Eastern Medicine, facial acupuncture operates on the belief that the face reflects the body’s internal balance and health. Facial acupuncture aims for aesthetic benefits like improved skin tone and reduced wrinkles. This approach involves inserting fine needles into specific facial points to enhance blood circulation, stimulate collagen production, and restore the body’s natural energy balance. By adapting traditional Eastern medicine principles to the pursuit of beauty, facial acupuncture provides a distinct and holistic pathway to vibrant and healthy skin.

Facial Acupuncture treats conditions such as: Acne, dry skin, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, signs of aging, facial swelling and puffiness and dark circles. Furthermore, there are several health benefits of cosmetic acupuncture, including: Brightened complexion, Reduced acne, minimized pores, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Reduced puffiness, and facial swelling, improved facial muscle tone, Reduced jaw tension, Reduces skin sagging.