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The Six Musts for Breastfeeding

This year, World Breastfeeding Week took us in unimaginable circumstances. The whole world is struggling to adapt to a new reality.

I had big plans to celebrate this week. Cool campaigns to raise awareness, including gatherings, pictures, and videos. However, COVID-19 came to change our plans.

I can't deny that I was frustrated and off of ideas. But, then I thought about how much connected I've been with my family, my friends, and my clients, more than ever before. Maybe this is not a time to show and do, but to communicate and deliberate.

I decided to pick the strongest statements in the breastfeeding world and bring them to my platform to raise some thoughts and open discussions.

How to Choose the Right Pump for Me?

I see pumps all the time in my job; I listen to mothers and how they feel about so many different brands; I watch videos, read manuals, and talk to companies’ experts… And I know choosing the right pump for you could become a real challenge. Based on my work experience, and also as a mother, I thought it would be helpful to share some tips and things to consider when you pick a pump…

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Pump

  1. The first thing to learn is what kinds of pumps are available in the market. The pumps are categorized by level of power and efficiency to remove the milk, in the following order, from lowest to highest:

    -  Manual pumps
    -  Electrical single pumps
    -  Electrical double pumps
    -  Hospital rated pumps (which are also double electric pumps)

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