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Prenatal Mat Pilates |  POstnatal (all women* welcome)

Join One Tribe's Postnatal Yoga

Recover and Reconnect with Your Body After Birth

What is Postnatal Yoga?

Postnatal Yoga at One Tribe offers new mothers a path to recovery and strength rebuilding after childbirth. This class focuses on restoring pelvic floor strength, abdominal muscles, and overall stamina, while also offering a peaceful space to connect with other new mothers.

Why is Postnatal Yoga Important?

  • Physical Recovery: Aid your body's recovery after childbirth with targeted exercises.
  • Emotional Support: Manage emotional transitions with yoga’s meditative benefits.
  • Community Connection: Share experiences and tips with a community of new mothers.

What You'll Learn

  • Restorative Poses: Gentle yoga poses to help heal and strengthen the body.
  • Pelvic Floor Recovery: Exercises specifically designed to restore pelvic floor muscles.
  • Breathing and Relaxation: Techniques to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Who Should Join?

  • New mothers seeking a gentle return to physical activity.
  • Women looking for supportive postnatal care.
  • Anyone interested in reconnecting with their body in a mindful way.
  • New Moms that want to bond with their infant and attend a Mommy & Me Class

Begin Your Postpartum Yoga Journey

Rebuild strength and balance in a nurturing environment.  Infants Welcome.

Prenatal & Postnatal Friendly.

All props and equipment provided by One Tribe.

$30 drop in
$135 5-class pack
$255 10-class pack
(class packs expire 6 months from first use)