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Prenatal Mat Pilates |  POstnatal (all women* welcome)

Join One Tribe's Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Empower Your Breastfeeding Journey

What is Prenatal Breastfeeding Class?

The Prenatal Breastfeeding Class at One Tribe is designed to prepare expectant mothers for breastfeeding. This class covers everything from lactation basics to advanced techniques, and how to identify challenges, helping mothers feel prepared and confident about breastfeeding.

Why is Prenatal Breastfeeding Important?

  • Successful Breastfeeding Start: Learn the essentials before your baby arrives.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Gain insights on overcoming common breastfeeding challenges.
  • Support Network: Connect with other expectant mothers and share experiences and tips.

What You'll Learn

  • Latching Techniques: How to ensure proper latching, which is crucial for effective breastfeeding.
  • Milk Production: Understanding and optimizing your milk supply.
  • Breastfeeding Health: Maintaining breast health and dealing with potential issues.

Who Should Join?

  • Expectant mothers who plan to breastfeed.
  • Partners who want to support the breastfeeding process.
  • Family members or caregivers who will assist during the postpartum period.

Prepare for a Rewarding Breastfeeding Experience

Learn the skills and knowledge to ensure a smooth breastfeeding journey.

Classes are taught in English and Spanish.