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Prenatal Mat Pilates |  POstnatal (all women* welcome)

Mara De Armas

Mara De Armas


A passionate flamenco and dance enthusiast, describes herself better through laughter and footwork than in formal words. With two children who inspire her every day, she has taken her love for dance from Havana to the stages of Washington, Massachusetts, and Spain. As a mother, she discovered the joy of sharing her passion with her children, teaching them the steps from a young age.

Her journey has made her a "trainer" in the truest sense of the word: she not only teaches steps but also spreads her energy and love for the art to children and adults alike. From the classrooms of Miami to the most prestigious studios, she has made her mark with her team, bringing the fire of flamenco and the elegance of dance to every corner.

Mara is more than a dancer; she is a creator of magical moments. Her involvement with the Dancing Mood team since 2019 has been an exciting chapter in her story. She not only shares her knowledge but also becomes a source of inspiration for those around her.

Her resume is a story of passion, dedication, and human connection. With every step she takes, Mara brings with her the story of her journey from Havana to the heart of Miami, where her art and love for dance continue to shine and leave a mark on all who have the privilege of sharing the stage with her.