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Prenatal Mat Pilates |  POstnatal (all women* welcome)

Get ready to SMILE, move, sweat, bond with your baby, and build community!



Join One Tribe's Baby Dance Club

Where Little Ones (and their parents!) Groove and Grow

What is Baby Dance Club?

Baby Dance Club at One Tribe is a fun and engaging class where parents and their babies get to explore movement, rhythm, and music. This program is designed to enhance motor development and provide a joyful way for little ones to engage with their caregivers and peers. The class also provides movement, tremendous joy, and connection for the parent, as you dance with your baby!

Why is Baby Dance Club Important?

  • Motor Skill Development: Encourages coordination and balance through dance.
  • Social Interaction: Introduces young children to social settings in a fun environment.
  • Bonding Time: Offers a special opportunity for caregivers and babies to bond through activity. Social interaction and space to meet other parents with babies close in age.
  • Movement: Provides fitness, exercise, and connection for the parent or caregiver.

What You Will Learn

  • Rhythmic Movement: Simple dance routines suitable for babies.
  • Interactive Play: Activities that promote interaction and social skills.
  • Musical Appreciation: Exposure to different sounds and musical instruments and rhythms.

Who Should Join?

  • Parents with babies (in a baby carrier or wrap) who enjoy music and movement.
  • Fun activity for parents to do with young babies.
  • Parents seeking indoor activities with babies.
  • Caregivers looking for a fun way to engage with their baby and meet other parents.
  • Families interested in introducing their children to dance and music early on.

Note: Please bring your own baby wrap or baby carrier.

Get Ready to Dance with Your Little One!

Create joyful memories while supporting your child’s development.

$30 drop in
$135 5-class pack
$255 10-class pack
(class packs expire 6 months from first use)